26 May 2022

Providing Wellbeing Packs for Patients in Blackford Ward

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The team in Blackford Ward at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital used funding through NHS Lothian Charity to provide wellbeing packs to patients who were admitted to the ward.

These packs ensure that all patients who are admitted to the ward are provided with the relevant items to attend to their personal care, maintain their dignity and, as a result, improve their overall care experience.

“Some of our patients arrive to Blackford Ward with only what they are wearing and very few belongings.

“There are those who have money to purchase the items they need or family members who can drop items in. However, this is not true for everyone. We have patients who are homeless or those who, perhaps due to illness, have lost access to their belongings or have misplaced them.

“We wanted to find a way to ensure that all of our patients had equal access to personal care items and, as such, the opportunity to maintain their dignity throughout their admission in Blackford Ward.

“We had been brainstorming with patients on the ward about what positive changes could be made and they put forward this idea. It is amazing to have the opportunity to take forward patient-led projects like this that we know make such a difference to our patients.

“We than applied for funding to supply comfort packs for the patients which are personalised to their specific needs. This could include: shampoo, shower gel, comb, toothbrush, toothpaste, ear plugs, eye mask, wipes, or unbranded roll-on deodorant; all in grip seal bag for infection control. A pack of sanitary pads was also added to packs for female patients.

“Thank you to the Charity and their supporters for the support with these packs. We are so grateful and have already seen these improve patients stay in hospital. Although this may seem like an incredibly small gesture, these packs instantly help patients relax and alleviate some of their worries. “

Lee Smith, Charge Nurse, Blackford Ward (IPCU)

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