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Staff wellbeing and professional development

Caring for those who care for us

We want NHS Lothian to have the best trained and supported staff across all healthcare roles.

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We want those who are caring for us, and those closest to us, to be at their very best. Supporting the wellbeing and development of NHS Lothian staff is therefore a key priority for us.

Our support is more important than ever during times of crisis like this – and possibly more important in the post-recovery phase. Money raised by generous donors supports counselling services and helplines, peer-to-peer support and space for exhausted staff to rest during busy shifts.

Find out more about how we are supporting NHS Lothian staff:

Creating spaces where staff can rest, relax and recharge

Staff Wellbeing Spaces

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Commissioning the First NHS Lothian Staff Wellbeing Strategy

Work Well

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Staff Development Opportunities

Elsie Inglis Awards

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With your help, we can continue to support the health and wellbeing of staff across NHS Lothian