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We work alongside NHS Lothian to improve the physical and mental health of patients, their families and staff across all health conditions.

By investing in our work with a significant gift of £5,000 or above we would be delighted to work closely with you and make sure that your donation reaches the area most important to you.

Together we can make healthcare better for everyone across NHS Lothian.

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Email our Philanthropy team, or you can make a donation today.

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Why choose to give a gift to us

We are the official charity of NHS Lothian. We support patients, their families and staff across all sites and all health conditions. We’ll help direct your donation towards the area that is most important to you.

We work in partnership with NHS Lothian staff, clinicians and researchers; we are confident that support goes to where it will have the most impact.

Our experienced team will work closely with you, keep you updated on how your donation is spent and the impact it is making.

We can offer recognition of your support appropriate to your gift and wishes.

How philanthropic gifts can transform care

We are experienced in bringing together our philanthropic donors and key NHS Lothian staff to make a transformational difference. Read more about how philanthropic gifts can transform care.

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Philanthropy opens doors for haematology patients

Thanks to a generous £12.3 million private charitable donation to NHS Lothian Charity, services for blood cancer patients across South East Scotland have been transformed at the Edinburgh Haematology Centre.

Would you like more information about leaving a philanthropic gift?

We would be delighted to talk to you about your gift or to give you more information. Contact our Head of Engagement, Nicola Sinclair.