Nurse and elderly patient smiling at each other

Our work

Incredible things happen across NHS Lothian every day, and we are proud to support this.

We work in strategic partnership with NHS Lothian and partners across the region to fund major improvements to hospital facilities, life-saving research and specialist medical equipment, not part of standard NHS delivery.

We also support projects within the community that support the reduction of health inequalities and preventable hospital admissions as well as supporting and delivering a number of strategic programmes based on long-term priorities for the Charity.

Underpinning all our activity is our commitment to work together to make healthcare better for everyone.

Programmes we deliver

Tonic Arts

Tonic Arts is our award winning arts in health and wellbeing programme, improving and supporting the health and wellbeing of NHS Lothian staff patients and visitors through the provision of high quality arts and creativity.

Pennywell arts commission

Green Health

Working in partnership with NHS Lothian and other third sector organisations to make the most of the NHS estate and community greenspaces as health assets.

Community Garden at Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Programmes we support

Nurse and elderly patient smiling at each other

Enhancement of the NHS Service

NHS Lothian Charity is the official charity of NHS Lothian. We work in strategic partnership with NHS Lothian and other […]
Three Nurses Walking

Staff Wellbeing and Professional Development

We want NHS Lothian to have the best trained and supported staff across all healthcare roles. We want those who […]
Tiled corridor arts commission at Royal Edinburgh Hospital

Creating Healing Spaces

Care is much more than treatments and medicines. The environment that patients are treated in is also hugely important. The […]

Research and Innovation

New ideas, breakthroughs and technologies are vital if we are to continue to raise the standards of healthcare and meet […]
Volunteers stood in front of a COVID-19 guidance sign


Our volunteers play an essential role in supporting patients and their loved ones during their time in hospital. Pointing visitors […]

COVID-19 Development Programmes

In March 2020, we launched our NHS Lothian COVID-19 Appeal to help help boost NHS Lothian’s response to Coronavirus. The […]