Your NHS Charity

How we can support you

We’re proud to be your official NHS charity and we want to support you to go that extra mile for your patients.

As the official charity of NHS Lothian, we are the only charity dedicated to supporting all its work, all its patients and their families, and all its staff.

Together, we can help you excel for the patients and families you care for, and the colleagues you care about.

Find out about how our funding can support you

We have a number of grant programmes and funding options available to NHS Lothian staff to take forward projects that enhance healthcare. Get in touch with our Grants Manager, Owen Siddalls to find out more.

Tell your patients about us

Often patients or their families want to show their appreciation for the care they or their loved one received. By simply telling them where to find us and how they can donate to support our work, we can help do even more.

From donating and fundraising to remembering a loved one and leaving a gift in their will, there are so many ways that people can give back to support you and your colleagues.

Woman laughing with colleagues

Get in touch

We love speaking with our supporters and will be there to help them however they choose to give back.

If a patient approaches you about making a donation, please get in touch.

We are here to help put innovative ideas into practice – making the healthcare experience better for everyone.