Elaine Brown

Portrait of Elaine Brown

Elaine Brown

Family Support Practitioner, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
Haven: Wellbeing Walk

My favourite time of year is the autumn because of the colours changing in the trees. I love it. Absolutely love it. Sometimes it’s very hot in the hospital and just coming out and getting a breath of fresh air makes it so much better. The air just blows everything away. It makes you more refreshed, it makes you more able to go and do the afternoon. And I just feel like all the scenery round about, it’s just so nice because you’ve got – like the trees, you’ve got all the different colours, you’ve got the burn and the bridge, and you hear the birds. The birds are just amazing. It just makes you feel better. It makes you feel so much better, and even in the winter, we’ll just get our winter jackets on, pull ourselves up and just come and have a wee wander and and it sets you up for the afternoon. You’ll see everybody, you know, when they’re walking. ‘Hello, how are you doing?’ They’ll say ‘Oh, you’re still here?’ Even in the winter we’re sitting here like that. ‘You’re still here?’ ‘Oh yeah, we’re still here’. “

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