Linda Lupton

Portrait of Linda Lupton

Linda Lupton

Linen Supervisor, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
Haven: Linen Room

I’m supposed to start at six and I’m in at the back of five every morning and I start right away. I just started off as an assistant and then now I am a supervisor and I actually run the Royal Infirmary at the Sick Kids in Edinburgh. Because we’re in the basement and there’s no windows or anything like that, every now and again I’ll mebbe say we’ll go up for five minutes, have a walk frae one end of the hospital to the other. If we’re actually here in the linen room for any length of time, we’re laughing and joking and things like that, I mean, we try and keep the morale up as much as we can. When break time comes – usually lunchtime, we go outside and have our lunch here and then we go outside for a walk or just stand and have a blether with other people, like the domestics, the nurses, the porters, anybody. And usually, at the end of the day we mebbe have a wee chat about things that went on round about.”

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