Mamie Cunningham

Portrait of Mamie Cunningham

Mamie Cunningham

Ward Clerk, St John’s Hospital
Haven: Ward 11

I’m actually dressed as an elf today because it’s leading up to Christmas and it is a baby ward, so there’s wee kids who come in. And so this is my last week and I’m off for Christmas Eve, because I don’t work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and stuff. I’m an elf today, but I’ve got Mrs Claus as well and different ones that I wear – and I dress up on Halloween for the kids as a witch so I can give them sweets and stuff at the desk. It’s the siblings of the kids. So there’s babies in here, but there’s wee two and three year old and four year olds that come in. So it’s nice for them to see that as well. And I like dressing up as an elf.”

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