Margaret McEwan

Portrait of Margaret McEwan

Margaret McEwan

Play Services Co-ordinator, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh
Haven: Wellbeing Walk

The walk that I go on, you pass loads of different things, there’s part of it that’s busy, there’s part of it that’s very tranquil because there’s a wee burn that runs under the bridges so you can hear the water, there’s lots of greenery around it. There’s bridges to cross. And then you pass the emergency department for both hospitals. So you might hear the sound of the ambulances, but then you pass that and then you’re back into tranquil. And then you can hear the birds. If you’re out on the walk and the emergency helicopter’s landing, that can take up some of your time. There’s just, it’s just different. You see different people – I’ll pass staff, I’ll pass patients from both hospitals, maybe just sitting getting some outside time themselves. So every time I do it, it’s different.”

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