Portrait of Jim Scott

Jim Scott

“I’ve always thought myself personally that I’m reborn every spring. More so working the job I do because it’s seasonal and spring’s always like rebirth and regeneration.”

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Portrait of Jack Hellberg

Jack Hellberg

“You can almost pretend that you’re sitting in a field.”

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Portrait of Catriona Horsbaugh

Catriona Horsbaugh

“I come here sometimes when I’m on my break. Because you’re that step removed from the ward, you can sort of gather your thoughts a bit more.”

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Portrait of Bernie Dunne

Bernie Dunne

“There’s very little noise, it’s peaceful. If it’s five, ten minutes, sometimes that five or ten minutes is enough to recharge you for the rest of the day.”

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Portrait of Ayesha Irfan

Ayesha Irfan

“I come here with my headphones and I meditate a little bit or just do some breathing exercises.”

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Portrait of Alan Harper

Alan Harper

“Bacon roll and a quick cup of tea before back to work.”

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Building for the Future: Supporting a Legacy of Patient-Centred Care at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre

A Holistic Approach to Healing NHS Lothian Charity is delighted to have supported the teams at the Edinburgh Cancer Centre […]

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Portrait of Chris Stirling

Chris Stirling

“I’d always noticed it as an interesting place to walk through because of the steam that rises from the pathway. And it always made me think of a New York sort of sidewalk.”

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Providing comforts for families when they need it most

Within the Oncology department, we have supported NHS Lothian staff to establish a sanctuary for families navigating a terminal illness […]

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Supporting Edinburgh Cancer Centre: Expanding Capacity to Accelerate Progress in Cancer Care

NHS Lothian Charity has helped to increase quality and efficiency of cancer care, as part of NHS Lothian’s ongoing programme […]

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