Nurse and elderly patient smiling at each other

Annual Report

Our Annual Report showcases the amazing projects that our charity supports across NHS Lothian to help improve the health and wellbeing of patients, visitors and staff.

Our 2022/23 Trustees’ Annual Report and Financial Statements is now available

Previous reports:

We have undertaken a rebranding exercise since our Annual Reports were published. The reports below are branded in our former branding for Edinburgh & Lothians Health Foundation.

How we are supporting NHS Lothian patients and staff

Creating Spaces for Staff to Rest, Relax and Recharge

We are delighted to have supported teams across the whole of NHS Lothian to create calm and comforting wellbeing spaces […]

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Providing comforts for families when they need it most

Within the Oncology department, we have supported NHS Lothian staff to establish a sanctuary for families navigating a terminal illness […]

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Elevating care for patients with neurological conditions or weak leg muscles

NHS Lothian Charity has supported physiotherapists at the Astley Ainsley Hospital with the acquisition of an Electric Arjo Walker, a […]

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NHS Lothian staff smiling with two therapy ponies

Enhancing Wellbeing Through Therapy Animals at Ellen’s Glen Hospital

NHS Lothian staff are supporting patients wellbeing through innovative approaches to care. Patients at Ellen’s Glen Hospital were delighted to […]

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