29 April 2024

Enhancing the Patient Experience at East Lothian Community Hospital

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East Lothian Community Hospital holds a special place in the hearts of our community, providing vital care and support to the local community, particularly our most vulnerable – the elderly population.

Thanks to the generous support of The Blythe Family Trust, we are delighted to be funding several key projects designed to significantly enhance the experience of patients and their families, with a particular focus on those in our inpatient wards who require more specialist and long-term care. These projects address a variety of needs, from improving physical and mental wellbeing to fostering social interaction and a sense of community within the hospital.

Projects were identified in collaboration with senior clinical staff at the hospital, drawing on their experience of what makes a difference to patients and the staff who support them. You can find out more about these projects below:

Together, we can make a lasting impact.

Imagine tranquil gardens offering a haven for patients receiving end-of-life care or struggling with mental health challenges. Funding will allow us to redesign and refurbish these important spaces, promoting access to nature and a sense of calm.

Find out more about our other Green Health activities on site by visiting our Green Health microsite.


Creative expression can be a powerful tool for wellbeing. Funding will support art-based activities, providing entertainment and a welcome distraction for patients.

Find out more about how we are bringing the transformative power of the arts to patients, caregivers and staff in healthcare settings across NHS Lothian, by visiting our dedicated Tonic Arts microsite.

Meaningful activities tailored to individual interests can significantly improve patient wellbeing. Funding will support activity materials and resources for ongoing patient engagement. Staff are actively encouraged to apply to the fund to purchase items that can be used with patients.

These innovative machines provide patients with dementia or those receiving palliative care with opportunities for reminiscence and mental stimulation. Funding will ensure the renewal of licenses and continued access to this valuable resource.

Find out more about how this digital reminiscence technology is helping to enhance the quality of life of patients on wards across NHS Lothian: RITA Impact Report

Moira Carson on the MOTOmed bike

These specialist exercise bikes enable safe and effective exercise for patients recovering from various conditions. Funding will allow us to purchase three additional MOTOmed bikes, enhancing patients’ physical fitness and wellbeing.

Find out more about how Motomed bikes are increasing the mobility of patients in critical care recovery: Motomed Bike Impact Report

Additional, readily accessible wheelchairs that are more user-friendly for families and visitors will enhance the quality of life of patients by enabling them to access the hospital’s outdoor spaces, spend time in their favourite spot with loved ones, visit the hospital café or take part in therapeutic activities, reducing isolation and promoting social interaction. Funding will support 10 specialised wheelchairs.

For patients with limited mobility, these specialised chairs offer increased comfort and support, reducing the risk of falls and injuries. Funding will support 10 of these chairs, which are not provided as standard in hospitals.

Dedicated volunteers are a cornerstone of patient care. Funding will support the Volunteer Services Team, ensuring the continued recruitment, training, and management of this invaluable team at the hospital.

Funding will support on-site welfare advice, helping patients and their families navigate financial and practical concerns which often come with declining health. This advice can also help them to return home more quickly, and with a better support system to aid their recovery and ongoing needs. This may reduce the need for future hospital stays. This is part of a wider strategic programme is being project managed by NHS Lothian Public Health and delivered on NHS Lothian hospital sites by specialist providers. Funding will support this service for one year at the hospital.

Got an idea? Need funding to support it?

If you have an idea about how to improve patient experiences, clinical outcomes or staff wellbeing, then get in touch to find out more about what funding might be available to support you.