Anne Elliot

Portrait of Anne Elliot

Anne Elliot

Artlink, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Haven: Greenhouse

We knew from old maps of the site that there were designated areas for growing vegetables, which were used in the canteens here for feeding staff and patients, as well as an old piggery. And hens were kept on site. It was like a mini farm with production going on, so we worked towards reintroducing that so we had a little area like an allotment site that staff and patients could together or separately have a space that they could call their own and grow their own produce. When I’m looking to unwind at the end of the day, I know that a quiet time is round about 5 o’clock, when everybody’s leaving their work or having to return to the wards. So that is a time I can potter about and unwind and just go and do a bit of weeding round the back. Watering. It could be anything that’s garden-related and there are several spaces here that I can do that, but it does tend to be to the rear of the building, which is a bit more private. Sometimes it’s picking fruit. I tend not to sit down.”

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