Jamie Martin

Portrait of Jamie Martin

Jamie Martin

Senior Charge Nurse, Royal Edinburgh Hospital
Haven: Toilet Cubicle

I’m a slave to my mobile phone. It is basically the primary point of contact for clinicians and assessing teams to be able to get in touch with me to say, ‘I’ve got this person who’s coming to hospital – can you help me?’ And often I am saying, ‘I’m really sorry, we don’t have any beds.’ At any given time of the day, I can be juggling two or three phone calls. It can be relentless at times. I do find that I feel it’s legitimate not to answer my phone when I’m sitting on the loo. It’s somewhere where I can physically shut the door. They tend to be quiet spaces. If I have the choice, I like to use one of the several disabled toilets here because it’s got a bit more room. A closeable lockable door, where it’s quiet.”

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