Portrait of Aderonke Olaide

Aderonke Olaide

“So when you go for your break or for fifteen minutes; morning break, I usually have it here and just, you know, just relax.”

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Portrait image of Adrian Velasquez

Adrian Velasquez

“Sometimes you want to socialise, but other times, you just want peace. Like reading a book or just watching TV. Or just calm.”

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Portrait of Alan Harper

Alan Harper

“Bacon roll and a quick cup of tea before back to work.”

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Portrait image of Alison Watt

Alison Watt

“When you’re in the kitchen, there’s machinery, there’s people talking, there’s so much going on. Yet, when you come here – it’s silent, you know, it’s quite quiet. You can hear the birds.”

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Portrait image of Amal Al Sayegh

Amal Al Sayegh

“What I really value about it is that it’s a personal space where I can have personal items that have been given to me over the year. So when I come in, I can remember that I’m a mother and sister and wife and a daughter, I’m not a consultant psychiatrist.”

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Portrait of Anne Elliot

Anne Elliot

“When I’m looking to unwind at the end of the day, I know that a quiet time is round about 5 o’clock, when everybody’s leaving their work or having to return to the wards. So that is a time I can potter about and unwind.”

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Portrait of Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson

“We always try and have lunch together. In the summer we’ll come round here, we usually have deck chairs and we’ll sit here half an hour because that’s usually all we will take.”

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Portrait of Anthony Kramers

Anthony Kramers

“This is a special place. It’s a haven in the midst of painful realities.”

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Portrait of Ayesha Irfan

Ayesha Irfan

“I just come here with my headphones and I meditate a little bit or just do some breathing exercises.”

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Portrait of Bernie Dunne

Bernie Dunne

“There’s very little noise, it’s peaceful. If it’s five, ten minutes, sometimes that five or ten minutes is enough to recharge you for the rest of the day.”

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